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Dizzy Spell

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  1. Dizziness, Lightheadedness and Ringing in ears. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms dizziness, lightheadedness and ringing in ears including Middle ear infection, Labyrinthitis, and Medication reaction or side-effect.
  2. What you can do for dizzy spells. Published: January, When you sense the ground spinning under your feet, it could be vertigo. But there may be a simple remedy. An episode of dizziness is one of the things most likely to drive you to the doctor—and for good reason. The sense that you're literally losing your footing can be terrifying.
  3. Feb 13,  · Dizziness is a common symptom that’s not usually a sign of anything serious, but should be investigated by a doctor. The term "dizziness" means different things to different people – some use it to describe feeling lightheaded or off balance, while others use it to describe a feeling that their surroundings are spinning. Because the symptom is quite vague and can be caused by a wide range.
  4. The symptoms of dizziness are: Feeling motion when your body is still Feeling lightheaded or that you are about to faint Balance problems, such as being unsteady on your feet or feeling as if you.
  5. Dizzy spells can be caused due to various reasons ranging from an insufficient supply of blood to the brain, low blood pressure, vertigo, infection in the inner ear, to the use of certain drugs. The following write-up provides information on the contributory factors behind frequent episodes of dizziness.
  6. A dizzy spell is another word for dealing with vertigo, a condition that can make you feel like the room is spinning, per the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It causes an "illusion of movement,".
  7. Oct 04,  · Dizziness that accompanies a headache could be a sign of a migraine, but it can also be related to others factors. Find out how a doctor can help determine a .
  8. Apr 17,  · Occurrence of Dizziness with Change in Position: Primary Causes. The primary causes of dizziness when lying down are benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and orthostatic hypotension. People suffering from these problems observe dizziness spells when changing positions, especially when lying down.

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